Just Spas Launceston Tasmania

40a Invermay Road
Invermay Launceston 7248

(03) 63344884

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Just Spas Launceston


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Just Spas Launceston offers a complete range of Australian made spas, from Australia’s largest spa manufacturer.

  • spa pools
  • swim spas
  • garden ornaments and more.

Outdoor spas can be installed in the backyard of your home and radically transform the way you use that particular space. Outdoor spas are a great add-on investment for an area where you entertain. Outdoor spas also come with many unique features, such as powerful water jets, 24 hour circulation pumps, JetPak’s, ozone and aromatherapy.  Outdoor spas also come with many optional features, like CD Players, Televisions, iPod Docking Stations.


Just Spas Launceston